Karen Viviers from Texas:
was involved with the experimentation process for the Produce Wizard™. First and foremost I am not a fan of bananas, but was amazed to see the results of this great product. We went through a 14 day process comparing bananas that were using the Produce Wizard™ technology and those that were just left on the counter.

After just one week, the bananas that were left on the counter were spotted and inedible. The bananas that were placed inside the Produce Wizard™ looked like we had just purchased them. One week later, the counter top bananas were brown, ugly & gross. Or, as I like to call it, Ready for Banana Bread. The bananas in the Produce Wizard™ were beautiful and I am told that they were absolutely delicious.

I can’t wait to purchase a Produce Wizard™ for my tomatoes and my other favorite produce.
Patricio Ceron from Florida:
I have tasted the bananas, tomatoes, mangoes and papaya that have been routinely tested in the Produce Wizard™ and have to say that they were truly delicious. These were fruits and vegetables that would have been inedible, due to time, if not for the Produce Wizard™. What a great concept!
Dr. Stephen A. Sargent- Professor Postharvest Physiology University of Florida
So we spent several months evaluating the Produce Wizard™ and at the end we felt that here was a possibility of providing a product for consumers that would significantly save them money at the end of the month by reducing their losses in the kitchen."

"With the Produce Wizard™ we can re-create the conditions that allow them to ripen under favorable conditions and therefore develop better flavor and have less losses due to shriveling."

"Peaches are a commonly purchased item that if placed in the refrigerator won't actually ripen properly. So they must be left out under more ambient or room conditions in order to develop proper flavor. If they are placed also in a Produce Wizard™ they would also ripen to really good flavor and have a lot less shriveling and decay."

The United States Dept. of Agriculture released a study a few years ago where they documented fresh produce losses at the home level could exceed 25% of what was purchased. An appliance like the Produce Wizard™ would be capable of reducing these wastes significantly for us as consumers."
Dr. Jeffrey K. Brecht - Professor Postharvest Physiology University of Florida
A feature of the Produce Wizard™ is that it produces a natural form of oxygen, that's called ozone. Ozone kills microorganisms that can cause decay or that can actually cause food poisoning." Having ozone present in the Produce Wizard™ helps keep the fruit not only tasting better but in a safer state and without decaying as its ripening."

"Other fruit besides bananas and tomatoes that would benefit from being held in a Produce Wizard™ are other fruit that need to be kept out of the refrigerator but still you want to ripen at home, those would include fruit like avocados, mangoes and peaches."

"At the conclusion of the research we did in testing the concept of the Produce Wizard™. We could see that we had an appliance that would allow people at home to ripen fruit in the proper conditions so that they would stay in the most desirable state to be tasty for eating for a longer period of time and this would help people be able to enjoy their fruit instead of ending up discarding some of their fruit when it gets overripe."
Heather M. Ceron - Comptroller for Bird Dog Express Inc.
I have been involved with numerous testings of the Produce Wizard™ and have been responsible for recording Status Reports of our findings.

I have been amazed at the end results, watching the fruit contained in the Produce Wizard™ stay fresh for up to 3 weeks while the fruit left on the counter rotted away within days. Below is one of my documented statements after approximately 21 days of testing:

6/29/2010 - "I did a taste test of one of the bananas and one of the Tomatoes from Cooler A. (This cooler had the riper fruit in it) They both tasted so good! The "coolness" of the fruit was very refreshing compared to eating fruit at room temperature or ice cold from a refrigerator. I personally do not like a banana that is too ripe, although this one looked a bit brown, it was firm and not overly ripe and was really tasty. The tomato was juicy, firm and delicious. I was pleasantly surprised, that's for sure."

I personally cannot wait to get my very own Produce Wizard™. The hardest decision will be picking a color!!
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